Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Zarmeen Samad from Peshawar Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

 Peshawar is a town in Swabi district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan. Peshawar is not very popular Town like other famous towns of Pakistan. Most of the people know this Town just because Tarbela Dam. Tarbela Dam is the largest earth filled Dam. That’s why this city is also famous just because of this Dam other wise there is nothing that is famous of this Town. Nowadays a new activity takes place in this town and all over Pakistan. This activity will make very famous this town and that is the friendship of Girls. Most of the people know about the girls and boys of Peshawar but here in this article you will read about the girls of Peshawar that what kind of girls they are and what kind of friendship they are doing.  Actually nowadays Pakistani girls like to spend some time with new people but they don’t have permission to for picnics and tours that’s why this method is very easy for everyone.
Those girls who are setting in home they also interested in making friends and those who have permission they are doing much more. Anyway the people of Peshawar especially girls are following this shortcut way of making friends. Nowadays this is very common every girl have personal mobile. Here in this article we have a girl from Peshawar her name is Zarmeen Samad. She is very charming and intelligent and she is also one of those boys and girls who are the fans and lovers of mobile usage incase of making friendship. Zarmeen Samad is the student of FSC and she is the expert of mobile. In this young age she is the lover of Mobile and even she like to make friends for friendship. Now you should thing that the present generation of Pakistan is modern, broad minded or Intelligent.
Anyway here is the mobile number of Zarmeen Samad and many more Pakistani girls and boys and all of them are trying to make friends for mobile gossip and chatting. Those boys and girls who want to make mobile friends should visit here and select mobile numbers of Pakistani girls and boys and after that start conversation with them. I expect that this will the new and successful friendship in Pakistan. Share this site to spread this friendship in all over Pakistan. After that share your comments with us in the comments box below

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Nida Umar from Islamabad

Pakistani girls are very gorgeous and like to friendship with boys and girls both. Pakistani girls also like traveling, shopping and many other things. They like to friendship with boys and talk on mobile phones in late night. They also meet in different places like parks and other entertaining places, where nobody seen her because they are Muslims and they don’t want to shameful in there parents Nida is also want to make a boyfriend who she can faith his feelings and solved her problems. Her age is twenty two Years old. Her father is a Social worker and doing a job in garment office. She likes to spend some good time with some new friend. She is very sweet and innocent. She really loves to his parents and her parents also love him very much. Her hobbies is chatting with friends, she also make her profile like different social media sits like facebook, orkut and skype etc. Therefore, she wants that her post her profile hear. Because I post her profile her. There are many websites hear but her friend tell her to check site. There is many sits but I preferred this site because I saw many friends who make lots of friend thru this site. If you want to contact with Nida you can join him on this site.  If you want to make another friend you can just search hear in search bar? This site is only for friendship, love and romance. All Pakistani and other members can also resister in this site. Thank you for reading this post. Don’t forget to comment on this.
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